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If you want to go beyond the free subwoofer test tone wavs and mp3s available for download here, consider the value of having access to the test signals on this Audio CD:

Properly set Amp Gains and Equalization Profiles
  • Use the test tones to find your system's resonant frequency.
  • Then, select that tone from the "Increasing output" tracks on the CD.
  • Set your source unit to 95% maximum volume.
  • As output increases, listen for a change in tone - distortion or mechanical noise.
  • Begin decreasing the amplifier's gain until fidelity is restored.

Precisely Optimize your Box Design

  • Use the Sloping Bass tones to check frequency response throughout the subwoofer range
  • Multi-frequency signals test reaction to complex bass signals
  • Wind-Up Signals test for resonance issues in ported and sealed designs
  • Extended tones on CD are 2 minutes, not 20 seconds

CD Contains Optimally Generated Bass "Kicks" As Well

"Optimally Generated" means the waveform is generated to optimally generate the bass waveform, not to simulate a musical instrument's response waveform. In other words, rather than synthetic drum sounds, these are electrical waveforms shaped to induce the desired reaction from the subwoofer cone... the result is a clean bass tone unlike any you've heard before.
  • Just for fun, or to test amplifier headroom
  • Rip them to your computer and mix explosive bass tracks to stress test your system
  • See what your system can do given an optimal bass signal
  • DOWNLOAD A FREE sample tone in WAV format - and see for yourself