Freeware Subwoofer Enclosure Design Software Tools

Designing the optimum stereo system for your car stereo or home theater system requires an optimally designed subwoofer enclosure.

While this can become complicated, fear not - several freeware applications are available to help you design the right enclosure for your application.

Whether you've already decided on which subwoofer speaker drivers to buy or not, these tools will help you make the most of your subwoofer purchase. If you've become overwhelmed with trying to decide what speaker will work best for your application, try this: Download the application that applies to the type of enclosure you've settled upon (not sure? See articles at right).

Try plugging in the specs for Qts, Vas, Fs, and Pmax for several of the subwoofer drivers you're considering. See how the different drivers perform in the type of enclosure that fits your type of music and space requirements. This should help narrow the field to the two or three subwoofers that will fit your unique combination of factors.

Ported (Vented) Enclosure Design Program -
this handy freeware application allows you to input speaker parameters such as VAS and QTS, available from any reputable subwoofer manufacturer's website and many subwoofer dealers' websites, and calculates the frequency response and output curves for your amplifier power. It also calculates the ideal box volume and port length. Then, using the box design tool, you can calculate the dimensions of the box using that data to design the right ported sub box for your application. Extremely useful, and completely free!

Sealed Enclosure Sub Design Tool - As with the ported box designer above, this tool accepts data about your subwoofer, and outputs specifications for the ideal sub enclosure. This program is used to design sealed subwoofer boxes.

Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosure Design Software - Again, this freeware subwoofer enclosure design program takes data about your sub as with the tools above - but this program allows you to design more complicated band-pass subwoofer boxes.