Download Free MP3 & .WAV files to test your car subwoofers and ported, sealed or free air subwoofers

Home Theater Subwoofer Test Files

Free downloads of test sounds tones and entire car stereo test CDs available on this free site. If you find these files useful please consider clicking on one of our sponsor banners. The links at the right allow you to download test tones to help fine tune your car subwoofer or home theater subwoofer system.

If you want even more subwoofer tuning test signals, click here or on the "Get the CD" link at the right. You can purchase an electronic download of high quality, uncompressed test tones and signals to run your subwoofer through intensive testing. If you live in the US, you can also receive a CD via US Mail if desired.

Ideal for subwoofer enclosure builders, the CD offers tests that allow you to see how the speaker reacts to different bass situations. It also offers test signals to help you set amplifier gain for optimum speaker excursion without distortion or damage, assuring car stereo competitors get the most out of SPL and SQ system designs. There are also tracks that combine multiple bass signals at once, and test signals for determining how well the subwoofer enclosure and amplifier are damping the subwoofer.

Also available from this site- freeware subwoofer box enclosure design software. Click below to get the freeware applications needed to design the perfect subwoofer enclosure for your car stereo or home theater subwoofer design.